BOR-Valhalla Awaits

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100% Cotton Pre-Shrunk Tee Features the hammer of Thor and the wolf watcher.  Long ties between the Vikings and the Scots. Many of the names known to us today are a merge of the two cultures.  Anderson and the Scandinavian version Andersen.  Fire festivals like Up Helly AA and Hogmanay (New Years) celebrated all over Scotland are directly related to the years of the Viking age.  The influence of which has shaped the world as we know it today. Did you know Eric the Red was the first discoverer of North America?  14 years the Vikings attempted to colonize America but due to the distance and the presence of a large Native population, it was not practical.  Often it is thought that the vast resource of timber was cut and sailed back to trade in Iceland (Where there are very little trees) and the rest of Scandinavia.  It was well known that America existed in Scandinavian lands but little interest was given to it.  Now you know. 

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